Total Hose Management

Total Hose Management

hose integrity management services

The Need for Comprehensive Hose Management

Recent third-part research indicated that Flexible Hose Assembly (FHA) products can account for as much as 47 percent of all downtime in the operation of equipment on a drilling rig or vessel. Additionally, the research established that 97 percent of all those surveyed agreed that Equipment Integrity is a top priority. *

Drawing on a long history of experience and expertise in fluid transfer solutions and hose technology, Pirtek offer clients a complete, disciplined, and customized Hose Management Services.

*Penn Energy Research Center: “Market Research Analysis of Global Oil and Gas Exploration and Drilling Processes, Stakeholders and Influencers” – February/March 2011


Do what you do best, and leave us to do what we do best.  That is the basic premise behind Pirtek’s Total Hose Management service; a service that delivers:

  • Reduced stockholding and improved cash flow
  • Pro-active and preventive maintenance
  • Better use of human resources
  • Maximizing Production, Minimizing Downtime

Pirtek has developed a full range of preventive, proactive and reactive services that allow us to take away the maintenance, repair and replacement of hoses, assemblies, oils and lubricants across a broad range of industry sectors and applications.

As part of a Total Hose Management contract, trained and qualified Pirtek personnel will analyze and record all the hoses and assemblies that your company utilizes, providing a hose registry for all your hose information. These details are used to devise a comprehensive plan that is tailored to your specific needs and that takes away the worry of a catastrophic failure or unplanned downtime.